Expression Macros, Deprecate @UIApplicationMain, Forward Declared ObjC Interfaces, Swift 5.8 & 6 schedule
Registry auth, Opt-In Reflection, if-switch Expressions, Vision documents, DiscardingTaskGroups, and Foundation rewrite.
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Lifting limitations on Xcode, Result Builder variables, Existential arguments, testable Clocks, and Back-Deploying Functions
Conditional Attributes, StaticBigInt, Stable Sorting, Isolated deinit, Work Groups
My first Indie App, my first Evolution pitch experience, the last of 6 Regex proposals, external conformance warning, implicit [weak self] capture & a…
WWDC22, new `@const` attribute, improved `some`, convenient Generic extensions, and Swift 6 feature flags for early adopters.
Regex overhaul (pt. II), Swift Snippets, new Workgroups
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